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The Nakalyne DAW

About Nakalyne

Nakalyne is a DAW (digital audio workstation, as they are termed nowadays) of the modular tracker kind. Nakalyne's design is intended to push towards more modularity with plugins engaging in more roles of the music creation process than ever before while keeping an eye out for its usability. Nakalyne has its own distinct plugin system towards this end which enables this level of modularity. The Nakalyne project was started at some point around 2003 and had went through many conceptual iterations since then (not rewrites, but the plugin interface went through a looked number of design changes until it felt "just right").

Currently, Nakalyne is still a work in progress even now in 2013 but that should come to a usable release sometime soon. This web site is pretty much the "be all and end all" of everything Nakalyne-related for the time being. Not a hard accomplishment as it is the only Nakalyne-related site as of this writing.